www.officerentinfo.com RSS Fri, 22 Mar 2019 14:52:59 +0100 Fri, 22 Mar 2019 14:52:59 +0100 Doing Poorly at Work? It May Be the Air https://www.officerentinfo.cz/article/officemarket-news/doing-poorly-at-work-it-may-be-the-air 12115 Fri, 22 Mar 2019 14:52:59 +0100 What’s the atmosphere like at your job? We’re not talking about the mood among your workmates, but the literal concentration of CO2 and other substances floating through the air. All of these have a strong influence on people’s health and performance. The sale of Transgas and other lands attracts the top among Czech developers https://www.officerentinfo.cz/article/officemarket-news/the-sale-of-transgas-and-other-lands-attracts-the-top-among-czech-developers 12114 Fri, 22 Mar 2019 19:14:07 +0100 The HB Reavis developer group is likely to sell three lucrative Prague land plots within a few months. The biggest investors are interested in real estate. Check out the new Colonnade offices. They have golf and pop rock stars https://www.officerentinfo.cz/article/officemarket-news/check-out-the-new-colonnade-offices-they-have-golf-and-pop-rock-stars 12113 Fri, 22 Mar 2019 19:18:00 +0100 What defines a good working environment? Is it top design, superior equipment available to all employees or the elusive energy of a particular company? These questions were answered by the CAPEXUS studio, which created new offices for Colonnade Insurance. Q Software from Zagreb opened an office in New York https://www.officerentinfo.com.hr/article/officemarket-news/q-software-from-zagreb-opened-an-office-in-new-york 12101 Thu, 21 Mar 2019 15:46:58 +0100 "New office in New York brings new challenges, but also great growth opportunity and chance to get even better in what we do. "Filip Ljubic, CEO of Q Board, said. Parliament Office - Portland, Oregon https://www.officerentinfo.com.hr/article/officemarket-news/parliament-office-portland-oregon 12100 Thu, 21 Mar 2019 15:51:24 +0100 Inspiring Offices - every week we share with you thread of the most interesting offices all around the world! New Visitors Center at Obedska bara Will Include Offices, Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls - True Business Oasis! https://www.officerentinfo.rs/article/officemarket-news/new-visitors-center-at-obedska-bara-will-include-offices-meeting-rooms-and-conference-halls-true-business-oasis 12099 Thu, 21 Mar 2019 15:27:20 +0100 According to investors' demands, the facility of the Visitor Center is designed as a multifunctional space in which the main purpose is the exhibition part, which includes a projection room, a cafe-restaurant, accommodation and office spaces with meeting and conference rooms and a panoramic terrace. J&T Real Estate discusses the sale of Rustonka offices https://www.officerentinfo.cz/article/officemarket-news/j-t-real-estate-discusses-the-sale-of-rustonka-offices 12088 Fri, 22 Mar 2019 19:20:35 +0100 Representatives of the development and investment company J&T Real Estate are discussing the sale of the Rustonka office project on the border between Libeň and Karlín. For E15, Jiří Ochec from the J&T Communications Department said this. “We are considering selling Rustonka. I can't confirm any more information, ”Ochec explained. SPACEFLOW Enters Romania in S+B Gruppe Offices - Tenant Experience Brough up to the Next Level https://www.officerentinfo.ro/article/officemarket-news/spaceflow-enters-romania-in-s-b-gruppe-offices-tenant-experience-brough-up-to-the-next-level 12082 Wed, 20 Mar 2019 15:55:53 +0100 Tenants of S+B Gruppe buildings in Bucharest are introduced to the revolutionary community app that provides one-click access to amenities and services such as drycleaning, discounted lunch, car sharing, yoga classes and community life updates where you can chat with peers and find partners for tennis, jogging or even new clients. Tenant Corner: One in 5 Office Cups Has Faeces and Bacteria Particles https://www.officerentinfo.com.hr/article/officemarket-news/tenant-corner-one-in-5-office-cups-has-faeces-and-bacteria-particles 12081 Fri, 22 Mar 2019 11:16:08 +0100 The average office table has up to 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat, and at the highest risk of dangerous bacteria are people who eat at the table then those who chew pencils and nail nails